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Latest News

Translations in full swing

At the moment the translations are in full swing. People from all around the world are working on the texts.

Intro artworks

Great progress on the intro artworks. Andreas is doing an awesome job and drew a lot of great pictures for our new intro sequence already.

Finalizing the rooms

We started finalizing the rooms. Sascha is adding some particle and lighting effects while Thomas is tweaking some textures and objects.

Tentacle Animations finished

Alex finished the tentacle animations ... looking great ingame.

Tentacle Animations

Alex finished the tentacle rig and started with the animations. The walk animation is finished already.

Meteor Mess Tweets

RT @DavidBFox: For those who couldn't watch the live stream of my #ZakMcKracken talk last night, here it is! 1st a short documentary on Za…

Alex almost finished Michael's animation set. After that all character animations are finished. All other is nice-to-have stuff.

Today we released our internal beta build About 1100 voice samples were edited and are ingame now. And t… https://t.co/CPtmWjlLQ1

While Green Tentacle, Dave, Syd and Mark Eteer have already recorded thousands of lines, we are still searching for Wendy's voice.