The Meteor Mess Team

Project Management: Sascha Galla

Programmers: Sascha Galla, Heiko Borgiel

3D Environment Artist: Thomas Boisse

3D Character Modeling: Michael Gilvonio

Lead Character Animator: Alexandre Donciu-Julin
Additional Character Animator: 
Swapneel Bhambore

Graphical User Interface: Heiko Borgiel, Sascha Galla
2D Artists: Thomas Boisse, Sascha Galla

Shader programming: Sascha Galla, Alex Pölloth

Tools: Heiko Borgiel, Sascha Galla, Tobias Bahls

Character Artworks: Joe Roberts, Christian Yingling, Bessie Cook
Intro Sequence Artworks: Andreas Muttke

Soundeffects: Sascha Galla
Music: Geoffrey Burch

English Voice-Casting Director: Sascha Galla

English Voice Actors:

Roger Hanna as Dave
Mark Long as Syd
Thomas Sparrow as Bernard
Veronica Achebe as Razor
Ralph Lim as Michael
Jeff Tarzia as Jeff
Connor Massey as Sandy
Adam Bellow as Dr. Fred
Joey Fox as Green Tentacle
Dominic Arsenault as Purple Tentacle
Douglas Hachiya as Weird Ed
Eugene Wratten as Mark Eteer
Jeremy Dick as Wink Smiley
Douglas Labonte as Postman George
Timothy Carlile as Police Officer

Scriptwriter: Jason Harang

German Translation: Sascha Galla
Spanish Translation: Alejandro Gonzalez Moral
Latinamerican Spanish Translation: Mauricio Masp, Walter Buet
Italian Translation: Manuel Montanari, Mary Panuccio
Dutch Translation: David Permentier
French Translation: Frederic Jutier

Lead Beta Testers: Stefan Scholer, Sven Oesterle

Additional Beta Testers: Brian Gilhousen, Walter Buet

Website: Sascha Galla

Special Thanks To:

Thomas Koch, Brian Gilhousen, Stuart White, Luke Shaw, Ali Yüklet, Fu Yunjing 
and all the ones I forgot to mention here.

Original Maniac Mansion

Original Gameplay and Coding: Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick, Aric Wilmunder
Original Scripting: David Fox
Original Sounds: Dave Warhole and David Hayes
NES Version Coordinator: Douglas Crockford