Listen to Meteor Mess ingame music by Geoffrey Burch:

This is the opening theme of Meteor Mess.


The following track "This Maniac is a Mansion" is used as main track inside the mansion.
Although there are several rooms that have their own special music you will hear this song most
of the time while discovering the mansion.


And here's one that is used for the cellar rooms of the mansion.


The next song is a special track used for the "Hunk-O-Matic" room. As this room contains
several Egypt style objects the style of this track mirrors this as well.


And here's the track that is used once Dr. Fred started the mansion's self destruction.


Mentietur Conclusio:


Prosperum Ac Felix Finis:


The following song was done for the arcade machine "Die! Enemy Die!".


 This song was done for the arcade machine "Disco Crazy".


 The next song was done for the title track of the arcade machine "Alien Slime".