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Latest News

Character model for Mark Eteer was finished

Currently we have great progress on the character models.

Michael finished the next model already:

Mark Eteer

Character model for Wink Smiley was finished

The new character model for Wink Smiley was finished:

Wink Smiley

New Nurse Edna character model finished

Michael just finished the new Nurse Edna character model:

Nurse Edna

Merry Christmas

The Meteor Mess team wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!

Character model for Dr. Fred was finished

Michael finished the new Dr. Fred character model:

Dr. Fred character model

Meteor Mess Tweets

Geoffrey is currently working on the music track for Green Tentacle's room. It's a very emotional track that mirrors GT's depressed mood.

Today we started optimizing the character movement code once again. First improvements have been achieved already... http://t.co/y2P3yGq3ZA

Great progress on the character sketch for "The Postman". It's looking awesome so far ... Joe's doing a fantastic job again.

Currently it seems Michael is faster than light :-) He finished the next character model already: Mark Eteer We... http://t.co/mG6eOGCh9o

So there are just 2 character models left: - Mark Eteer - The Postman It looks as if some of the long-term... http://t.co/qyLPNdNCYy

... and the next character model was finished: Wink Smiley the talk-show host for "The late show with Wink Smiley" http://t.co/MIOkvW3Yec

Michael started working on the character model for Wink.