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Latest News

Intro artworks

Great progress on the intro artworks. Andreas is doing an awesome job and drew a lot of great pictures for our new intro sequence already.

Finalizing the rooms

We started finalizing the rooms. Sascha is adding some particle and lighting effects while Thomas is tweaking some textures and objects.

Tentacle Animations finished

Alex finished the tentacle animations ... looking great ingame.

Tentacle Animations

Alex finished the tentacle rig and started with the animations. The walk animation is finished already.

New artworks and goodies stuff

In meantime some more artworks have been finished and one of them won first price in a competition. Even David Fox left a comment that he loves it ...
We also added a goodies section with a lot of cool stuff to unlock.

Meteor Mess Tweets

Some more minor improvements were done ... – voll motiviert

Today we did some small improvements and a lot of testing.

We finally fixed a bug that bothered us for years. – fantastisch

Alex worked hard on the animation sets for Dr. Fred and Edna today. He is doing a great job as always.

Further progress on the animation sets ...

Alex added a sitting position to Mark's animation set. Now we can finish his last open scene. – fantastisch