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Latest News

Character Sheet for the Postman finished

Joe finished the character sheet for the Postman. 

Character model for Mark Eteer was finished

Currently we have great progress on the character models.

Michael finished the next model already:

Mark Eteer

Character model for Wink Smiley was finished

The new character model for Wink Smiley was finished:

Wink Smiley

New Nurse Edna character model finished

Michael just finished the new Nurse Edna character model:

Nurse Edna

Merry Christmas

The Meteor Mess team wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!

Meteor Mess Tweets

Sascha resumed working on the realtime music spectrum analyzer for Green Tentacle's room. Currently there are... http://t.co/DzSwmVyYpO

Lately we got several offers from people who like to join the Meteor Mess team as a speaker ... and that's great... http://t.co/087N3XHf7l

Happy Easter to all of you ... let's seek for some eggs in the mansion.

After some weeks with just little progress we resumed our work on a special secret room. And the good news is... http://t.co/oSWjRZmpg6

And here it is ... the last missing character artwork: The Postman Joe did an awesome job again, didn't he? http://t.co/zS1Q4xN3Jk

While Alex is working on the animations, Sascha is adding a realtime music spectrum analyzer for Green Tentacle's... http://t.co/5SbMLqZhXS

Geoffrey is currently working on the music track for Green Tentacle's room. It's a very emotional track that mirrors GT's depressed mood.