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Latest News

Internal Beta Release 0.9.2

The project is making great progress and we just built our internal beta release 0.9.2. The beta testers are doing a great job and we have been able to resolve a lot of issues in the first few months of the year.

Merry Christmas ...

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016 !!!

All kids ingame with animation sets

Alex put his shoulder to the wheel and so we finally have all kids ingame with animation sets.

Great progress ...

Currently we have great progress with the animation sets ... Alex is doing an awesome job.

Character Animator wanted ...

Any character animator out there who's willing to help finishing this project this year??? Alex could really need a helping hand to get the animation sets done ...

Meteor Mess Tweets

Internal beta release 0.9.3 was released today.

Wow ... our beta testers are doing a great job. With their help we have been to fix several issues and improve... https://t.co/ePZeVWDiC1

Today we released our internal beta release 0.9.2. A lot of issues have been resolved.

Currently we are working very hard to resolve as many tasks and issues as possible. Our beta testers did a lot of... https://t.co/yZjlpUfCp5

We've been able to resolve quite a lot of tasks within the last few days ... great progress.

We played several different walkthroughs during the last days without any crash or major bug. The game seems to... https://t.co/4FbE8tSgDO

I just noticed that Alien Slime levels that look easy in the editor are sometimes incredibly hard to play ingame.... https://t.co/tBqw1lbcPL

Game-in-game 'Alien Slime' got several new levels ... and even more will follow :-) We're targeting at least 100... https://t.co/Ga0VQOC8d6