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Latest News

Character Sketch for Nurse Edna

Christian just finished the character artwork for Nurse Edna.

New Videos

The videos section was just updated ... 

Character model for Michael was finished

The character model for Michael was finished.

You'll find a picture of it here:

Michael character model

The new Sandy character model was finished

Michael finished the new Sandy character model.

Please find a picture of her here:

Sandy character model

Character model for Jeff was finished

Michael finished the character model for Jeff.

Just take a look here:

Jeff character model

Meteor Mess Tweets

Character sketches for Wink and Mark E. Teer are in progress.

Another 50 likes ... thank you all for supporting our project! That's really great.

Geoffrey just sent us a first draft of one of the ending sequences tracks ... sounds really great so far :-)

Some utility scripts were written to ensure that overlay pictures fit the current screen aspect. There's also... http://t.co/8cpQ4wLRmu

This picture shows a preliminary result of Wendy's animations set. As you can see she's already walking through... http://t.co/XywUuZvwlI

Maybe some of you like to support our great animation magician Alex to take part at the Berlin's marathon ... http://t.co/jHHO08qV8h