• Meteor Mess - a remake of Maniac Mansion
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Latest News

Finalizing the rooms

We started finalizing the rooms. Sascha is adding some particle and lighting effects while Thomas is tweaking some textures and objects.

Tentacle Animations finished

Alex finished the tentacle animations ... looking great ingame.

Tentacle Animations

Alex finished the tentacle rig and started with the animations. The walk animation is finished already.

New artworks and goodies stuff

In meantime some more artworks have been finished and one of them won first price in a competition. Even David Fox left a comment that he loves it ...
We also added a goodies section with a lot of cool stuff to unlock.

Intro Artworks

Andreas started working on the intro sequence artworks. The first hand drawn masterpieces are finished already.

Meteor Mess Tweets

Sascha added some new ambient sounds. It's all about atmosphere, you know.

Today Thomas did some texture tweaking in the pool ... work could be worse.

Alex finished Wink's animation set. One more task less on the list ūüėÄ

It seems all shockwave shader issues have been resolved ...

Sascha is currently working hard on a shockwave shader for the Evil Meteor. Though the shader is basically... https://t.co/oIG9F5eyPW

Today Thomas revised the nuclear reactor room while Sascha fixed a bug that led the game into a crash in some certain situations.

Sascha added several particle effects in the last few days. Great progress currently.

In the last few days Thomas did several improvements on the rooms while Sascha is working on some new particle effects.