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Latest News

Prosperum Ac Felix Finis

... and another track was added to the music section: Prosperum Ac Felix Finis.

Mentietur Conclusio was added to the music section

Another great epic song by Geoffrey was added to the music section.

Character Sheet for Wink finished

Christian finished the character sheet for Wink ... Mark E. Teer is also almost finished.

Happy Easter!

While painting and searching Easter eggs and enjoying some free days, the team wasn't lazy. Geoffrey delivered two awesome new tracks, Christian is working on new character sheets and Alex and Swapneet are working on the animations sets for Jeff and Wendy.

Character Sketch for Nurse Edna

Christian just finished the character artwork for Nurse Edna.

Meteor Mess Tweets

Just played Meteor Mess for a while and noticed a few small things that need some improvement. So guys, let's do it :-)

Just resumed working on some Meteor Mess tasks after a little summer time break.

We resumed working on one of our "secret rooms" :-) It's almost finished now. Currently we're filling up the room with some more objects.

Michael resumed working on the new Dr. Fred model. Looks great !!!

Just started translating the new dialogue into german language.