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Latest News

All kids ingame with animation sets

Alex put his shoulder to the wheel and so we finally have all kids ingame with animation sets.

Great progress ...

Currently we have great progress with the animation sets ... Alex is doing an awesome job.

Character Animator wanted ...

Any character animator out there who's willing to help finishing this project this year??? Alex could really need a helping hand to get the animation sets done ...

Character Sheet for the Postman finished

Joe finished the character sheet for the Postman. 

Character model for Mark Eteer was finished

Currently we have great progress on the character models.

Michael finished the next model already:

Mark Eteer

Meteor Mess Tweets

The last missing character model (The Postman) is almost finished. Michael is doing an awesome job (as always).... https://t.co/abwQoOvk2J

Alex is working on Jeff's animation set, Michael is working on the character model for the postman, Thomas is... https://t.co/V40CY4W7mr